What Are Smoothies? Are Smoothies Good for You?

Smoothies are a type of smooth, blended drink that contain fresh fruit and other assorted ingredients. They are extremely popular in health and fitness circles due to their great taste, high nutritional value and low calorie count. However, since they’re sweet, satisfying and refreshing, they also have a wide general appeal. In this article I’m going to be taking a deeper look at smoothies, the ingredients they contain and the reasons why they’re so popular.

What’s In A Smoothie?

Smoothies typically contain a combination of ice and fruit. They may also contain fruit juice, milk, nuts, protein powder, seeds spices and yogurt. Since they’re made using natural ingredients but also contain a good amount of ice, they’re relatively low in calories and very hydrating. In addition to this, they have a very high fiber, vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient content and enhance your health by supporting your vital organs, protecting against chronic disease and much more.

Why Are Smoothies So Popular?

1) They’re Versatile: Smoothies are extremely versatile and you can make a wide range of smoothies based on your personal preferences and tastes. Depending on the ingredients you use, you can make creamy smoothies, crunchy smoothies, fizzy smoothies, slushy smoothies, sweet smoothies and much more, so you’re bound to find plenty of smoothies that you love.

2) They’re Great For Weight Loss: As mentioned above, smoothies contain lots of fiber but very few calories. As a result, they’re extremely filling and a great way to satisfy your appetite and drinking them won’t cause you to pile on the pounds.

3) They’re Healthy: Due to their high nutrient content, smoothies are very good for your health and a much better choice than milkshakes or soda.

4) They Save Time: If you’re busy, you may not have time to sit down and eat a few portions of fruit. However, drinking your fruits in liquid form is much quicker and even if you don’t have much time to spare, you can always enjoy a smoothie.

5) They’re Portable: While certain fruits (such as apples and bananas) are quite portable, other fruits (such as blueberries, mangos and watermelons) are less portable. Smoothies take care of this problem and allow you to enjoy any fruit while you’re on the move. Simply blend it up, place the smoothie in a sealable bottle or flask and enjoy it whenever you want.

How Do You Make Smoothies?

Making smoothies is a relatively simple process. If you don’t own one already, you’ll need to buy a blender. Then simply place your ingredients in the blender and blend them until the smoothie reaches your desired consistency. For optimal results, put the ice in last when you’re making a smoothie. Doing this will prevent the ice from melting and ensure that you get a frosty smoothie instead of a watery one.


I hope this article has helped introduce you to the world of smoothies. As you can see, they’re a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and fill up on nutrients while you’re on the move. So if you haven’t done so already, go grab your blender, get blending and enjoy a healthy, tasty smoothie today.